There aren’t many cities I can think of that are as romantic as Rome. Although I have heard from some disappointed travelers that it didn’t meet their expectations, that it’s too touristy or too expensive, I can’t help but think that it’s not Rome, it’s you.

Sure, Rome, as any big city, has its flaws
and tourist traps. If you are close to any major tourist attraction, don’t expect the nearby restaurants to be amazing. If you, like us, stand at the Spanish steps, and stick out like a Skittle in a chocolate bowl, you will be scammed. Or at least attempted scammed. We got scammed. But only once. And it was “only” 20 euros, so it was a sour but cheap lesson in not trusting anyone. So, if someone seems too nice and interested in you, they are most likely trying to scam you. If someone asks you without any good reason “heeey, where you from”, and “put out your finger and hold this thread while I make you a bracelet that you don’t want, but you have to buy it because I already tied it securely to your wrist, and oh, you don’t have any less change than 20 euros, well, how fortunate that the bracelet ‘only’ costs 20 euros then, byee”, then for the love of god don’t put out that damn finger!!

But still, despite Rome’s flaws and faults, I can’t help but love this beautiful city. To be able to stand inside the Colosseum, to wander about in the ruins of Forum Romanum and to gaze up at the sky through the dome of Pantheon, are things that will stay with you forever. Not to talk about the delicious food you can have here! Just do a little research, and don’t fall in the tourist traps, you’ll be good. You could also end up being lucky, and stumble into that perfect, rustic little trattoria, where you get to sit by yourselves and be surrounded by the beautiful Italian language and music, and enjoy the yummy Roman kitchen together. If you want some recommendations of restaurants and bars, click here.

Whether you want to fill your days with sightseeing, history and culture, shopping or eating your way through the city, Rome has it all. As Rome’s history is present everywhere in the entire city, you can’t avoid seeing some of the major sights and tourist attractions just by walking through the streets. With thousands of years of history, Rome has preserved this brilliantly by including the historic buildings and sights in the cityscape, building a modern city around the ancient parts of Rome. Walking from the originally pagan temple Pantheon to the Capitol Hill, you might just walk by the spot where Julius Caesar was (presumably) killed. If you look closely when you’re in the Colosseum, the large bronze cross marks the spot where the Roman Emperor would sit during the arena fights. Things like these make Rome such a magical place to visit, especially with your significant other.


When it comes to food, we have both had some of our best and worst food experiences in Rome. Sometimes you’re lucky, and you stumble upon a perfect little trattoria in a small back alley where the food is amazing and the atmosphere is romantic, and sometimes you have to find the first and (not) best place to sit down because the rain just showers down. There have been times where we have been sitting for hours at the perfect little back street cafe/bar, maybe with some beautiful live music, drinking aperitifs until we’re too drunk for dinner, and there have been times where we have been so fed up with all the rude tourists and street vendors, that we just go back to the hotel bar. Rome is such a city, where you don’t always win. But when you do, it makes you fall in love all over again.