Although “hygge” is in general a Scandinavian concept, no one does it as well as the Danish. Translated into basically anything that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, “hygge” can be achieved pretty much anywhere in Copenhagen. Whether you want to have a glass or five at a cosy, brown pub, eat inventive and delicious cuisine from the Scandinavian kitchen, stroll alongside the watersides with a warm cup o’joe, or do some high street shopping, then Copenhagen is for sure your friend.

Being the most continental of the Scandinavian capitals, Copenhagen shows off its long history with grand architecture in many different styles, in accordance with when and how the city was developed and built. You can find beautiful architectural examples of Rococo and Baroque, renaissance castles and art noveau decorations. There are quaint cobble-stoned back alleys with small wooden houses, right next to Classicist palaces that make you think of French kings with big powdered wigs.

Besides the diverse architecture, Copenhagen can offer just a diverse selection of food, design and tourist attractions. How about a delicious smørrebrød (a danish open-faced sandwich with fresh and yummy toppings), the newest in Scandinavian design, a pint of Carlsberg or Tuborg beer, or a trip to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world? Being the leading expert in “hygge”, Copenhagen has something to please even the grumpiest of travelers.