About us

Hi, and welcome to Twosome Trippers!

Who are we? Well, we are Opi and Lelo, and we love to travel.
We figured we would make a blog about our trips, to guide other twosome travelers along the way, and to share tips and info about what we have found to be great and not so great for traveling couples.

We currently travel mostly in Europe, and we are both misanthropes, (except for with each other) so we only write about stuff to do that is cool, romantic, fun or just great for twosome trippers like ourselves. When we travel, it is to spend time with each other in new and different places, so you will not find much here about meeting new people, how to interact with the local crowd or other social stuff. We don’t do that. No thanks.

But we do hope you like our posts, and if you do, make sure to check in now and then, you never know when we might post something new 🙂